<p> Welcome to the all-new SpokaneFAVS.com.</p> <p> We've been promising you this site for eight months now, and it's finally here!</p> <p> Take a look around. First, you'll want to <a href="http://spokane.visualchefs.co/register">register</a> so you can leave comments, post calendar items, submit news items, etc. Then, check out our top stories, our <a href="http://spokane.visualchefs.co/blogs">blogs</a>, our <a href="http://spokane.visualchefs.co/calendar">calendar</a> and the other cool features our new site has to offer.<br /> But as you're looking around, please bear in mind that we're still tweaking a few things. We appreciate your continued patience. If questions come up as your explore the site, feel free to drop an email to Tracy.Simmons@religionnews.com.</p> <p> See? It was worth the wait wasn't it?</p>


  1. Yes, definitely worth the wait, Tracy – you’ve done a great job; your work is amazing. I think this website is a wonderful resource for the Spokane area and it’s our privilege to have the website, and you, here.

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