Thursday, May 26, 2016

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, January 18, 2016.  REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Sounding the TRUMPets 

Basically, if you were to do a casting-call for a character with the opposite characteristics of what a Christian should look like, Donald Trump would be the person for the role.

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Samantha Briggs works with villagers in Uganda/Contributed

Building Self-Reliance in Buhkaweka, Uganda

Anyone who has planted a seed before knows the feeling of wanting to return and find a huge shade tree growing in the place where it was sown. And in development work, you hope that the tree is also producing enough fruit to feed the entire village!

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We Have a Priest Gone Rogue

“I left the church, when I could not sit and listen to him preach, about leading a Christian life, when I knew in my heart, that he was bullying people and deceiving people, by telling lies.”

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Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies attendees/Contributed photo

Welcoming the stranger: What I learned from Jewish agencies

I recently attended the annual conference of the Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies in San Diego. The event brought together hundreds of Jewish and non-Jewish human services professionals who work for Jewish organizations, most of which are akin to Spokane’s own Jewish Family Services agency, of which I am the director.

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Melia Kreiling as Daliyah in "Tyrant" on FX. Photo courtesy of Kata Vermes/FX

Cultural advisers help Hollywood rework Muslim stereotypes

Muslim characters are either terrorists or “good” Muslims trying to overcome “bad” Muslim plots. In either case, they “are still constrained by conflictual framing,” typically around themes such as terrorism, post-9/11 politics or overseas military intervention.

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Flickr photo by Lauro Roger McAllister

Our Transition into a New Religious Axial Age

We are living in an exciting age, an age of axial change, moving beyond the findings discovered in the Enlightenment, beyond the descent into reactionary capitalism and beyond fundamentalism into an age of globalized religion.

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