Tuesday, Aug 30, 2016

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Academic doctors gather before the commencement exercises at Brigham Young University (April 2008).
Wikipedia photo by Eustress

How men benefit from family-friendly tenure policies

As academics, we are well aware that gender gaps continue to exist on American campuses. It is true that female students now outnumber male students, and also that more women earn professional degrees compared to men. But it is also true that only 28 percent of tenured faculty are women.

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Grave photo by BigStock

Facing Death With Faith

Kayla Mueller's beautiful letter to her family while being held by ISIS is an eloquent testament of faith in the midst of adversity that continues to inspire after her death.

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Donald Trump/Commons Wikimedia

Father Knows Best: What if Trump wins?

If you believe that Donald Trump is offering a vision that is bad for America and bad for the world, if you believe that his choices to mock the disabled, to vilify Muslims, and to celebrate torture ought to disqualify him for the presidency, then speak up. Go join those movements that are working to get the vote out.

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