Sunday, Apr 23, 2017

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Why Mike Pence’s dining doctrine irks me

I have always had more female friends than male ones. Coming from this background, I found much to think about -- and, let’s be honest, joke about -- regarding Mike Pence’s 2002 statement that he does not, as a matter of personal policy, dine alone with women other than his wife.

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POEM: Emptying

Oh you of little Faith and great Fear, What will it take for you to surrender, to let go of your great Fear?

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Organists declining but still in demand for Easter

Groups supporting organists and church musicians are seeking ways to fill the shoes and the benches behind organ consoles with new and, preferably, younger players. But that’s not always easy — with emptier pews at many churches, dwindling numbers of organ students at some colleges and growing interest in contemporary worship music.

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